WEB is an interactive performance for children ages 4-7, initially unaware that they will be invited to join the performance's giant and mobile web scenography.

The performance begins as two characters are perched up in a massive scene, reminiscent of a virtual nest or the climbing net in your backyard. The children are seated while watching as an intricate and fanciful dance unfolds along with suggestive lighting, captivating music, and a magically sweeping set. Encouraged to get in line and climb into one of the hundreds of holes, the children enter the stage with Madeleine and Anja. They dance their way through the rest of the performance.

The adults, who remain in the audience, observe as the children weave a choreography from the webs. In this specific landscape of grids and ropes, imagination takes shape, and a dance emerges that captures the associative power and creativity of the children. Together, they let everyday life enter the stage, vanish into thin air, and assume the shape of interlinked bodies instead, small hands that seed new ideas and quick, quick feet that vibe to a catchy song.

WEB is a sensory experience where the encounter with the set design and choreography creates a magical dance, taking the children on a journey. The children will receive a postcard to bring home as a keepsake and as a continuation of the performance.

We recommend keeping it secret that the children will be dancing and climbing before they experience the WEB. The element of surprise is part of the performance.

With the performance WEB, OR/ELLER has invited set designer Johannes Fäst, composer William Rickman and lighting designer Tobias Hallgren to weave an artistic hybrid that juggles the mediums of installation, dance performance, and an aestheticized playground. WEB's illustration is created in collaboration with Agnes Florin.

WEB can tour in conjunction with its sister performance V. Where WEB invites children to create their own worlds through dance, V is a family show where the audience is pulled into a twisted narrative from a distance. Both performances can perform on the same day, on the same stage, use the same set, and reach a larger and broader audience between ages 4 and 99.

WEB is a partially interactive performance based on a fascination for how children explore the world around them. A constantly changing space is created in the meeting with an angled 5x7 m climbing net and an equally large moving motorized net suspended from the ceiling in a continuous vertical and horizontal billowing movement. The room invites you to play with different types of sensorial experiences and motoric choices. The inspiration is equally drawn from the climbing nets of the playground and the suggestive power of art.

WEB is a performance that pulls from and plays with children's ability to fantasize and make associations. In the clinch between the analog and digital space of elements, OR/ELLER works on how we experience and perceive movements and narratives. The children will initially listen and look, sense and feel. Then they are invited to try for themselves, and finally, they become part of the performance and are co-creators in this way.

When a child walks on the side of a road, it's rarely about reaching the destination as fast as possible. The road itself usually ends up as secondary. Instead, the child sees cracks in the road, walks under the railing, balances on the wall, crawls under bushes, crawls and jumps over paving blocks, limps on a curb, and stops to take an extra long look at one particular small stone. Out of this uneconomic way of relating to the world, imagination is born and forms a foundation for the creation of the choreography of the WEB. When the concept of time has yet to be linearly defined, the child has time to be a cat mother, a superhero, and a magician. Here WEB presents itself as an artistic hybrid that juggles installation, dance performance, and aestheticized playground formats.

The performance is also intended for adult participants, who are nonetheless confronted with this poetic landscape that seeks to renegotiate the playful everyday life of us all. The adult audience watches as the children gradually dance their way into the performance by imitating, suggesting, and exploring the set with all their senses.

Concept, choreography, dance: OR/ELLER - Anja Arnquist & Madeleine Lindh
Set design, construction, manufacturing: Johannes Fäst
Light design: Tobias Hallgren
Music: William Rickman
Costumes: OR/ELLER
Illustration: Agnes Florin
Photography: Håkan Larsson
Production: OR/ELLER and Nordberg Movement
Created in co-production with Dansens Hus Stockholm and Norrlandsoperan
With support from The Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm Stad & Region Stockholm
Length: 35min

Since 2018, OR/ELLER has cultivated an interest in interactive performance formats (WEB 2018 and V 2020), within a series called the WEB-series. The series is based on a choreographic and scenographic concept, which will result in four performances. In 2023, the third part, NET, will be created, diving into a mobile performance format.