Welcome to NET - an interactive dance performance where YOU call the shots

NET is created together with DANSEHALLERNE in Copenhagen and the Danish children and youth network KORA. Premiere in Copenhagen, September 2023.

A net moves in and spreads in your school’s sports hall or at your closest theater. Together with three dancers, we let the performance unfold and a choreographic kaleidoscope emerges. Here we create an undulating landscape that, with dance as an engine, opens doors to new rooms where we give shape to our fantasies.

In contrast to contemporary ideas about identity, autonomy and independence, NET invites you to dance by making room for you to become a link in the chain, a thread in the web or an atom in the molecule. With speculative curiosity we find ourselves as parts of new figures in constant transformation. Out of a tangle of threads we dance a slicing track, stop by a campfire or fly like a flock of birds. New verges and other yet unknown spaces emerge.

To catchy beats and melodic loops, we dance our way through this experience, mimicking, building, helping, waiting, fusing and actively resting in the imagination. NET is both a playful and serious performance, which in meeting its audience creates a human atmosphere where the visitors, through a guided dance and together, manage to get lost in a shared aesthetic experience.

Concept & choreography: OR/ELLER - Anja Arnquist, Madeleine Lindh
Dancers: Elinor Tollertz Bratteby, Rebecka Berchtold and Karin Bergman
Set design: OR/ELLER in collaboration with Naemi Gustavsson
Music: William Rickman
Costume: Naemi Gustavsson
Graphics, illustration: Agnes Florin
Production: OR/ELLER & Nordberg Movement
Co-production: Dansehallerne Copenhagen and Norrlandsoperan, Umeå
In collaboration with Dansens Hus, Stockholm
With support from The city of Stockholm

The performance is ca 60 min
NET welcomes everyone and anyone older than 5 years old.

The performance is presented for children in primary school and kindergarten as well as in theaters for mixed audiences.

Since 2018, OR/ELLER has cultivated an interest in interactive performance formats (WEB 2018 and V 2020), within a series called the WEB-series. The series is based on a choreographic and scenographic concept, which will result in four performances. In 2023, the third part, NET, will be created, diving into a mobile performance format. Unlike our previous visually powerful stage performances, with extensive set designs, this performance will move into the children's school environment as well as other types of rooms.

On tour in Denmark: through the KORA network 2023-2025
Premiere in Sweden: October 2023, Dansens Hus, Stockholm
Tour in Sweden: 2023 - 2025