Photo: @koty_vezde


In Förvandlingen, a piece of choreography flows in between rows of books.

Förvandlingen is an interactive dance performance for children ages 4-6, performed in a library setting. Along a neat path of events, in the midst of letters, bookshelves, books and visitors, Förvandlingen transforms gestures and movements into a new local linguisticity and language. Curves of transformation emerge from the children's bodies, which opens up new perspectives on the possibilities of language.

Förvandlingen is aimed at the slightly younger children, to those who have not yet fully conquered the verbal language. In Förvandlingen, dance and choreography develop another way for children to open up paths of association, through which they not only approach a broadened understanding of the library as a place, but also approach the idea of how language can be transformed into something that can exist outside the book frame and take place in other ways than via the spoken or written language. A choreographic journey takes shape, which allows the child's participation in the library as a place and democratic social body to be transformed.

The project draws inspiration from Kafka's short story The Metamorphosis (Förvandlingen) and from Shaun Tan's visual world, where the words for what arises and is sensed have not yet been formulated. In Förvandlingen, in line with the above-mentioned authors, we make new signs and let them turn into movements, as the body speaks and writes. With the white sheet as a concrete metaphor for text and reading, we dissolve the mechanisms of decoding and let our imagination make new readings through the body's ability to turn the concrete and the abstract inside out. By twisting the perspectives, we can become signs on a giant white sheet, while a body part can turn into an animal, which gets a voice. Together we write Förvandlingen - a dance, a choreography, a physical poem.

Together with Bagarmossens Library and with the support of the City of Stockholm, Förvandlingen was developed by OR/ELLER, library educator Fia Lien and Förskolan Solbacken Nord during the fall of 2023.

Concept, choreography, dance: OR/ELLER - Anja Arnquist, Madeleine Lindh
Graphics, illustration: Agnes Florin
Production: OR/ELLER & Nordberg Movement
In collaboration with: Bagarmossens Bibliotek
With the support of: The city of Stockholm

Length: ca 35min
The performance is presented for children between 3 - 6 years old.