Photo: @koty_vezde


NEW WORK premiering at the BAGARMOSSEN LIBRARY in January 2024.
Created on-site at the library together with preschool children from Bagarmossen in the fall of 2023.

In collaboration with Bagarmossen’s Library and with the support of The municipality dance consultant of Stockholm, OR/ELLER develops a choreographic project for 2023, which takes place at the Bagarmossen Library. On-site at the library, we will create an interactive performance that, in addition to the choreographic practices we are working with, draws inspiration from Kafka's short story Förvandlingen (The Metamorphosis) and Shaun Tan's visual world.

Förvandlingen will play for younger children who have not yet fully mastered the verbal language. In Förvandlingen, dance and choreography create new ways for children to open up associative paths, allowing them not only to approach a broader understanding of the library as a place but also to approach the idea of how literature can transform into something that can exist beyond the framework of books. A choreographic journey takes shape, transforming the child's participation in the library as a place and democratic body of society.

Quote by Fia Lien, Project Manager at Bagarmossen Library:

"I would like to involve the children in the dance so that they become the performers and not just an audience. I am interested in the library as a public space and a symbol of a democratic society and children's place in it. I have a great love for dance as a language because through its physical expressions, it can allow even the youngest members of society to express themselves, even though they do not have the same ability to use the verbal language as adults."

Concept, choreography, dance: OR/ELLER - Anja Arnquist, Madeleine Lindh
Graphics, illustration: Agnes Florin
Production: OR/ELLER & Nordberg Movement
In collaboration with: Bagarmossens Bibliotek
With the support of: The city of Stockholm and The municipality dance consultant of Stockholm

In spring 2024, Förvandlingen will be performed for all 4-5-year-olds in Bagarmossen, Stockholm.
2024 and 2025 are open for bookings.