NEW INDEPENDENT WORK, premiering in 2024 at MDT Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm.

All people, every single one, have one thing in common.
We've all been there, inside someone's body.
But no one remembers what it was like.
This may be the only experience we all share.
Even though we all have different experiences of becoming, of coming into existence,
or of giving life to new individuals,
we are, nonetheless, bound by this;
Life's first chamber play.

DOLLY is a dance performance moving freely between anatomical theater, chamber play, performance, and puppet theater. In DOLLY, the performer and the audience find themselves on the same island. A scenographic body of cavities that curves, holds and creates landscapes. Here, in its topography, a fabricated bedrock billows, which includes the audience, two dancers, an animator, a mime, a choreographer/director, and a bass player.

DOLLY tells the story of movement and creation based on experiences from the time between the first heartbeat and the first breath. The performance is visited by Pinocchio, Dolly the sheep, Jonna Bornemark, Dolly Parton, and Patricia Lorenzoni, among others. These characters influence the performance through their unique thoughts and experiences around the movement of creating and being created.

To be shaped and
to shape
to carry and
to be carried, to be tied, to be a bun in the oven.
Being the oven, carrying the of in.
Of the singular, one, in symbiosis actually
in the plural, together and alone in one.

* Ensam, in Swedish, means alone. Samman means together. Ensamman means something like alone and together at the same time. It also plays with the sound of the word, almost sounding like “mamman”, meaning “the mother”.
* Inspired by Jonna Bornemark, from the book ”jag är himmel och hav.”

In their third independent work, OR/ELLER turns the idea of the inside on its head. In DOLLY, the inside appears as a horizon and surface, where bodies become landscapes to live in, build on or walk on. The poetics of the cell division, the blurred boundaries of subjectivity, and a constructed becoming without control, paint a story about/on the outside of the inside.

DOLLY is performed by six performers translating the phenomenology of pregnancy through their relationships to their craft. We get to dive into intimate relationships and witness the interplay between receiving and giving for something to grow and eventually emerge. DOLLY is a tray of oysters, each shell housing an entire world. In some, you will find a pearl.

Photo: Klara G