COMMISSIONED WORK for NORRDANS, premier March 2023

In this fictional oasis, dance and movement takes place around a hyper constructed dancefloor and in a simulated fauna. To the sound of music, this gang will perform complex and elaborately detailed choreographies, in intuitive community and the most desolate solitude. In a telling mix of well-balanced sprawliness, a small world within a world emerges, a terrarium, which becomes the scene of a wild dance drama.

"They live in a thing.
A whole world contained within.
Totally obscured, but center stage,
and sometimes part of a model crew.
Someone’s attention they await?
Or are they unfazed by others' clickbait?
You will now witness,
how nine unseen characters make their entrance
in this terrarium, in this intimate odyssey."

OR/ELLER about Terrarium:

"What we find exciting in the idea of the terrarium is the similarity to the theater as a room and its function. A terrarium is a confined space for land-living creatures whose primary function, apart from providing these creatures with a functional place for their activity, is to be viewed. With Terrarium, we are in a sense building a theater within the theater. And in this particular terrarium, a Swedish area of deforestation has moved in together with nine different characters. Not only does the group live there, but they also have a very important task – being each other's environment and also becoming each other's landscape."


Review by  Sara Meidl in the Västerbottens-Kuriren “Norrdans skapar en liten värld i världen”

Review by Margareta Sörensson in the Danstidningen ” När alla är varandras landskap”

Review by Malin Palmqvist in the Länstidningen Östersund “Som att borra ned tårna i ett mikrokosmos”

Review by Susanne Holmlund in the Sundsvalls Tidning “Norrdans avslöjar våra illusioner”

Review by Gregor Flakierski in the Tidningen Ångermanland “Som en spegel”

Concept and choreography: OR/ELLER - Anja Arnquist, Madeleine Lindh
Created with the Norrdans Ensemble: Jonathan Starr, Chang Liu, Leila Verlinden, Sam Huczkowski, Lander Casier, Kevin Julianto, Damini Gairola, Courtney Mazeika, Arünas Mozüraitis and the apprentices Yeji Lim and Alberte Buch Gøbel
Scenographic concept: OR/ELLER, in collaboration with Anton Andersson and Johannes Fäst
Costume design: Naemi Gustavsson
Lighting design: Anton Andersson
Music: William Rickman
Lamp design and manufacturing: Johannes Fäst
Stump design, manufacturing and technique: Norrdans workshops, Hans Wallin, Jens Höglin, Johan Hakala, Benjamin Dahlgren
Tailor: Christian Hedenfeldt
Photography: Lia Jacobi
Musicians Nordic Chamber Orchestra:
Clarinet/Bass clarinet: Tomé Dávila Cacheda
Horn: Markus Källman
Cello: Christian Sahlin
Bass: Malin Höglund

On tour in Sweden Spring of 2023

Härnösands teater, Härnösand
Dieselverkstan, Stockholm
Dalateatern, Falun
Kramfors teater, Kramfors
Sundsvalls teater, Sundsvall
Östersunds teater, Östersund
Nordanå teater, Skellefteå
Christinasalen Nolia, Piteå
Norrlandsoperan Black box, Umeå
Medborgarhuset, Lycksele
Folkets hus, Haparanda
Aurora Kultur & Kongress (New Nåjden), Kiruna
Folkets hus, Kalix